ARCH 2020: Design Fundamentals II


Body in Motion: Contortion, Roberto Galindo-Fiallos


Body in Motion: Studying, Photographic study, Caroline Chao


Body in Motion: Studying, Mapping & analytical diagrams, Caroline Chao


Study pod, Concept diagrams, Caroline Chao


Study pod, Orthographic drawings, Caroline Chao


Study pod, Three-dimensional model views, Caroline Chao

Li_Body in motion-1
Li_Body in motion-2

Body in Motion: Butterfly stroke, Photographic study with mapping & analytical diagrams, Carrie Li

For the first project (Body in Motion), we will work in teams of two. Each team member must identify a movement, either a specific one as learned in sports or dance, or a non-sports related one. In either case, research the specific movement and describe it in a one-paragraph essay using technical terms of the various movements.  Then, recreate the movement with your own body.  Ask your partner to shoot a photographic sequence (b&w) which you choreograph and direct with a minimum of ten frames to capture the procession and range of your motions. Using the photographic study as a reference, begin to collect and analyze the data of the movement. 

Li_City in motion-5

City in Motion: Swimming pool, Penn Park, Philadelphia, Exterior view, Carrie Li

The drawings produced in project one (Body in motion) described a specific movement and captured its spatial and temporal qualities. Drawing upon this work, you will now being project two (City in Motion) and translate these spatiotemporal qualities into an inhabitable space, a place that will host a set of activities relating to the specific motion you have studied. Formulate a program plausibly as it relates to your movement and activity. How will the space promote, support, or enhance the activities associated with your program? Consider the dimensional properties of the activities and develop a specific understanding of the type of space(s) such an activity will necessitate. 

Li_City in motion-1

City in Motion: Swimming pool, Penn Park, Philadelphia, Site plan, sections & mapping diagrams, Carrie Li 

Li_City in motion

City in Motion: Swimming pool, Penn Park, Philadelphia, Interior view, Carrie Li