Programs of Study

The undergraduate program in architecture was established to offer opportunities for undergraduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences to study architecture on various levels of engagement.

Major in Architecture

The Major in Architecture offers two concentrations: the Design Concentration, a five-semester sequence of courses, including design studios, architecture theory, art history, and other courses in the College, and the Intensive Design Concentration, a seven-semester course sequence featuring an advanced architecture workshop, building technology courses, and a second architecture theory course in addition to the Design Concentration courses. Learn more

Minor in Architecture

The Minor in Architecture consists of a three-semester sequence of design studios in Architecture and two courses in the History of Art. Learn more

Other Programs

Other related programs include study abroad in the Architectural Association (AA), London; a Minor in Landscape Studies offered in collaboration with the Department of Landscape Architecture in the Weitzman School of Design; a concentration in Architecture Practice and Technology in the Major in Visual Studies; and an Integrated Product Design fundamentals course. Learn more