Introduction to Design


The primary purpose of this course is to introduce fundamental concepts and techniques in the design of three-dimensional form. For fall term 2022 the design project will be a memorial to the destruction of MOVE, a communal organization and Black liberation group founded in Philadelphia in 1972.


Architecture in the University

The study of architecture is focused around a core of sequential design studios.

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Architecture in the Community

The study of architecture engages the local community beyond the campus.

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Team Accra

Architecture in the World

The study of architecture extends beyond the local community into the world.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the undergraduate program in architecture is to develop analytical thinking and creative making within the discipline of architecture in the context of a general liberal arts and sciences curriculum.


ARCHtank: Winter 2022 Alumni Panel


"Wondering whether to pursue a graduate degree in architecture or a related field after Penn? Want to get the inside scoop of what an M.Arch program is like?"

ARCHtank is holding our…

Inspiration & Innovation in Structures


Powell Draper: a structural engineer and Director of the New York office of Schleich Bergemann Partner (SBP), https://www.sbp.de/en/offices/new-york/ an international award-winning structural…

Glenstone Museum, Potomac, Maryland

ARCHtank Field Trip

Art + Architecture+ Landscape

The Glenstone Museum exhibits post-World War II artworks that trace the historical currents of the 20th and 21st centuries. These works of art are presented in a series of indoor…