Biophilic Design for Local Community Center

One Art Oasis Sidewalk

Penn’s Summer Humanities Internship program (SHIP) helped to connect Alice Cochrane, a rising third-year student in the major in Architecture, with One Art Community Center, located in West Philadelphia. The goal of One Art is "to provide an inspirational space and programming which embraces and embodies positive values through the arts, education, cultural, and community engagement." Cochrane spent part of her internship developing design renderings of a new, green façade for the organization's West Philadelphia location. One Art will use the design renderings created by Cochrane to begin fundraising for the realization of the green façade. Over the course of Cochrane's internship, a new partnership between One Art and Bio Philly was formed. Bio Philly is a design network that works to advance the connections between access to nature in urban areas and the health of city residents. For Cochrane, "the experience really opened up a new world of environmental design, sustainable development, and biophilic architecture.”