Nectar: An interdisciplinary exhibition

Memories of Heterotopia_CB.

Chloe Onbargi, a Major in Architecture (Class of '20) is featured in Nectar, an interdisciplinary exhibition. She describes her work, “Memories of Heterotopia," as an exploration of "notions of memory; those personal and global, both imaginary and experienced. In this piece I aim to untangle how Beirut, a city my father left as a child, manifests itself in my westernized urban imaginaries. This psychological space I inhabit is defined by Foucault’s Heterotopia, which he describes as 'having the curious property of being in relation with all the other sites, but in such a way as to suspect, neutralize, or invert the set of relations that they happen to designate, mirror, or reflect'. By drawing and mapping out memories of my own Heterotopia, I hope to give form to that which is ultimately intangible."